Workshop on business oportunity in Switzerland for Italian companies

The professionals of Andersen Tax & Legal Italy and of Andersen Tax Switzerland analyze the Swiss Country System in order to introduce an audience of entrepreneurs and CFOs to the internationalization opportunities towards the Swiss market.

The conference – held on October 10th in Brescia – aims to deepen the fiscal and operational advantages that make Switzerland a privileged destination of development, not only for its proximity to Italy. Tax and labor law experts can offer a privileged point of view on the dynamics that govern the economic and labor market and the activities of the territory.

A very topical subject, also in consideration of the fact that on October 10th Ecofin – the meeting of the Ministers for the Economy and Finance of the Member States of the European Union – is meeting in Luxembourg to update the “black list” and the “gray list” of tax havens. Switzerland, precisely, should be removed from the “gray list”, along with Albania, Costa Rica, Mauritius and Serbia, in consideration of all the commitments that the Federal Government has taken in the field of tax cooperation.

Where, on the “black list” only 9 countries should remain: Belize, Fiji, Guam, Oman, Samoa, American Samoa, Trinidad and Tobago, Vanuatu, the US Virgin Islands.

The Brescia conference is an opportunity to highlight the tax incentives, as well as the work aspects to make a possible presence of Italian companies in Switzerland even more profitable.