Payment of the annual fee for the corporate books

By March 16 2020 the limited companies are obligated to pay the annual fee for the stamped authentication of the corporate books due for the year 2020.

Obligated subjects

The payment of the fee must be made by the limited company (spa, srl and sapa) including consortium companies.

The obligated parties also include companies in ordinary liquidation and companies under insolvency procedures (with the exclusion of bankrupt companies), as long as they keep the obligation to authenticate the corporate books as mentioned in the civil code.

Amount due

The tax is payable in a flat rate, regardless of the number of books or pages used during the year and the amount to be paid only varies according to the amount of the share capital or endowment fund of the company resulting from 1.1 of the year for which the payment is made.

With reference to the payment to be made by 16.03.2020 the amount due is:




Less than or equal to € 516.456,90

€ 309,87
More than € 516.456,90 € 516,46

Any changes in the share capital / endowment fund that occurred after 1.1.2019 are irrelevant. The annual tax is deductible for IRES and IRAP purposes.

How to make the payment

The payment of the amount due must be made through the F24 form, with the usual telematic modalities, reporting in the “Erario” section the tax code “7085” and the reference year 2020. The amount can be counter valued with any tax credit available. If the balance is zero, the F24 form must still be presented.

The payment method for the first year of a starting company is different; in this case, the payment must be made exclusively using a special postal form.

Failure to pay within the deadline can be remedied through the payment of late fees and sanctions.

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