Covid-19 emergency: we are fully operative

With reference to the coronavirus protection measures and in compliance with the additional preventive provisions suggested by the Government and the Public Health Authorities, we inform you that the Firm promotes smart working solutions as a precautionary measure for the health of its collaborators, customers and partners.

Provision of services

By ensuring continuity of services, the people of all our offices have been invited to work from home since Monday, March 9, 2020.

The new organizational structure will have no impact on the provision of services and the Firm will be reachable on the usual telephone numbers.

Our staff also received indications to provide video conferences and telephone calls, rather than physical meetings.

CAT Crisis Action Team Andersen Tax & Legal

All the initiatives taken by the Firm in recent weeks have been coordinated by a Crisis Action Team that has been activated to deal with emergencies with determination and discipline.

This team puts its experience at your disposal as an integrated multidisciplinary task organization to advise and support you in crisis management.

In order to make a contribution to limiting the spread of coronavirus, the Firm will continue to monitor the situation with its team of security experts and will adopt directives from regional and national authorities.