2020 Tax Decree: Reduction of down payments for 2019

With the 2020 Tax Decree and with exclusive reference to 2019, has been provided a financial benefit for the entities for which the ISA (Indicator of reliability) has been approved.

From 2019 or, from the date of entry into force of the Tax Decree, for entities engaged in economic activities for which ISA have been approved and if they declare revenue/compensation not exceeding the limit set by each index and, for persons participating in companies, associations and undertakings with a tax transparency, has been provided a financial benefit.

The benefit consists in the payment of the down payment, or 90% instead of the ordinary 100%, of the value of the difference line of the Income Model, with reference of the historical figure of the tax due for the previous year.

Specifically, the possible situations are as follows:

– the taxpayer who has paid the first advance of 40%, by 2 December will pay the second down payment of 50%, instead of 60%, usually expected;

– the tax-payer, who only pays the second instalment, will pay 90% instead of 100% by 2 December, which is normally expected.

Please note that the advance is recalculated in two instalments, each equal to 50%.